Introduction ,

This is a personal website of Professor Krishna Kumar for interaction and information sharing among self, family members, friends and colleagues.

It is also useful for management students, teachers/ trainers, research scholars, practicing managers and RETIRED PERSONS

Any unauthorised user will be responsible himself for consequences thereof.

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The key features of the website are:-

1. The website gives information about growing family of Indian Institues of Management
2. It is helpful to management teachers and trainers in Strategic Management by having access to simple, expandable text and simple and complex cases studies to understand the basics of strategic management.
3. It can be used by practicing manager as Self Study Material
4. The book on strategic management has emphasis on strtaegy implementation, and therefore can be used as a supplementary material in MBA or equivalent programmes.
5. It has many short case studies and modular chapter designs, which is need of the hour
6. There are 25 interesting short stories, some multilingual , which will make managers think. For other versions click here
7. It gives guidance for teaching and training through Case Method, Writing cases in different formats and associated Instructors' Manual. .
8. It contains about 40 indepth and thought provoking research studies from begining of economic liberalisation (1991) to 2016.
9. The website provides for Expandable, Variety Entertainment anywhere, anytime.
10. The website also provides platform for small group interaction among people at different locations anytime.
11. It provides help for hassle free guest lectures from any location

12. It also provides unique, illustrative, easily understable case studies covering various aspects of Management of Management Institutions